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Meet the Team




Rowena M. Al Musawi – Owner/Managing Director

Rowena is the heart and soul of Casa Mexicana. Bachelor Degree holder in Business Administration (major in Management) is only a part of her credentials next to her early experience in business administration even if we can say it’s a personal business way back on her teen age as early as fifteen years old.

More of a doer than a thinker Rowena will be seen working hands on every project she handles. Making her way to the Kingdom of Bahrain in early 90’s she took one step at a time making her foundation stable and respectable. Worked on delicate pieces of arts in canvass as curator to global finance market – mutual fund – private placement and private equity. Administrator. Managing Director, Publisher and interior designer for all her properties but most of all a personal chef for her family – that sums her qualification and her intense love for Casa Mexicana.

  • CHEF SENON "Romaldo Martinez" - Head Chef

    Chef Senon is a native of Acapulco, Mexico. He learnt to cook from his mother, who always reminded him that the freshness...

  • Ernesto "Bong" Ocampo - Resident Singer

    Bong’s singing career started in the Philippines, but his innate talent soon meant he was travelling to Japan, Korea, China and Singapore.

  • Aldrin Bundoc - Bartender

    Aldrin started his Food & Beverage career with Casa Mexicana over 10 years ago, joining us as a waiter. Hard working and full of passion...